Welcome to my blog page, titled: "Let Me Be Clare...," where I share my personal and many times controversial opines and messages, with few spiritual, social, and political topics excluded. I consider them to be an important part of my ministry, as I share what God puts on my heart. Oh, yes, the topic of music finds its way into the mix and often the content in my melodic creations corelate with these essays.

Speaking of music I have a recent single out, titled; "Like I Am" and I'm working on another single, which is planned to be released in mid June of 2023. One more note -  I am still pecking away at my goal of releasing a debut album and enjoying the journey, though it be a huge undertaking for this indie artist.

While in the process of uploading all of my essays, which span more than a decade, please be patient and check back regularly to to be brought up to date. They will be published  gradually in chronological order. If you are eager to read them before they make their way to this site, you can check them out by clicking HERE!