Originally Published 11/24/2009 on my Facebook "Notes" series: "My Soapbox Topic Of The Day."

Let Me Be Clare…

I’ve taken quite a pause between my last soap box rant and the words that are appearing as I stroke the keys before me. I was determined, in a fury, to punch out my frustration on the topics associated with the abbreviated initials printed in the title above. They stand for “Health Care & Political Correctness & Socialism...Oh My!” Oh My! Indeed! You know what, those topics will be around, I’m guessing, oh I don’t know...for a while, so I will put them on the back burner, for now. Let me assure you, the pot on that grill is simmering, even steaming and will need to be removed and poured out in the near future.
My Lord, has a different and as always, a better plan. He has put on my heart, one of thanksgiving. His timing is impeccable, don’t you think? ;)
Even in the toughest of times, we, in this country have so many things to be thankful for. I’m not going to list all the things here, nor could I and still have time to carry out my daily obligations. Allow me just to list a few, as my own reminders, if not for yours. I’ll start with the freedom and privilege of drawing in a deep, fresh, breath of clean air in almost any place. The blessing of being able to smell the fragrance associated with that breath.  The joy of spinning a whirlybird toy between the palms of my incredibly skilled hands. They are capable of performing tasks that boggle the mind. If one stops to consider what’s behind even a simple movement of the thumb and the ability to watch a simple toy take flight above my head, that alone is enough to be thankful for a life time. The joyful tune, not only of a catchy melody, vocalized by a gifted tenor, but also the music from a school yard playground, as the children release their excitement during recess. These simple pleasures lend themselves to a better appreciation of the greater privileges and blessings that I’m extremely grateful for.
Certainly, although not as popular, nor easily expressed, but maybe more important, is to be thankful for the trials and tribulations that we’re inflicted with, even seemingly to a highly unfair level. Many times, in retrospect, we can notice where we were at that point of grief, and compare it to how we’ve grown in wisdom and understanding, to the place we now stand. We can appreciate the growth and attribute it to nothing less than the very incident that caused so much havoc and pain. God takes all things and makes them work for the good of those who love Him. That is a scriptural truth and promise that I am very thankful for. It has helped me and many others to be strong and hopeful for the good things that God has. He wants to bless his children. I believe it gives Him great joy to do so and all we have to do is agree to receive it. That’s all!
It is no different with the gift of salvation! There is no amount of work, nor are there any deeds that are worthy of God’s saving grace, or His abundant blessings. That’s why it is free. It is impossible to be present with a perfect God, without the intercessor of the only perfect man, Jesus Christ. He came willingly, as fully God & fully man, to live and die on this earth for the sole purpose of  making us, who will believe in Him, holy and worthy enough to stand face to face with the Holiest of the Holy, our Father in Heaven. Therefore, without this gift, the work of Jesus, no one could be saved. We only need to open our heart and receive it. We don’t need to do any preparation. Jesus will meet us where ever we are, with what ever sin and baggage we carry, and start walking with us. He’ll even carry us through the darkness until we reach the glorious light of the promise land. For this I am most grateful! Thank you, Lord. Hallelujah! Amen!

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