Originally Published 3/13/2009, on my Facebook "Notes" series: “My Soapbox Topic Of The Day.”

Let Me Be Clare…

There's a short story that I heard recently, where a son asked his Father "Dad, how long should I keep attending church?" The Father replied "Until you want to." I love that response.

God hears our prayers anywhere, for sure. Church is a place Christians can go to escape the world, fellowship with other Christians, receive some encouragement, support, guidance and strength to go back into the world to witness and to reflect God's light in the vast darkness. This is very taxing on our mind, body and soul. Going to church can rejuvenate us for that mission.

Attending church is also a sign that we are God's children. However, attending church doesn't make us His children nor saves us. One late member of our church, on the topic of going to church, use to tell his children, "Fake it 'til you make it." It's a popular mantra of ALANO but is quite applicable in this context, as well. A recent quote from my Bible study lecturer was "The Sabbath is a day the Lord has set aside to separate us for himself." He went on to say that God desires an intimate relationship with us.

Attending church is not just for praising the Lord for He has set up this type of worship to actually be a healthy practice for us, physically, mentally and spiritually. There are studies done that back this claim up scientifically. I would encourage anyone, who wrestles with the prospect of attending church service, to be persistent and God will bless you with the desires of your heart.

May His blessings be upon you and your soapbox,

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