Originally Published 4/28/2009, on my Facebook "Notes" series: "My Soapbox Topic Of The Day."

Let Me Be Clare…

I can hardly figure out where I want to begin and really it encompasses many sub topics. I have so many thoughts, concerns and emotions running through my head at one time that I literally have to stop, take a breath and with great effort, find the suitable preface. It is sure to spill into additional, relative, articles to adequately vent my concern and frustration with what I see happening in our government and the direction it is moving our country. As I’m getting started, I can see that this will be just that, a preface for heavy and controversial objections, soon to follow, that shall be expounding from atop of my soapbox.

It’s no secret, among my family and close friends, that I am an evangelical, born again, Bible believing Christian and my theology and ideologies are in line with Judeo-Christian principles. Politically, I lean pretty hard to the Republican Right and a conservative flag I proudly wave. I honestly believe that the positions held by the fore mentioned sects of our society best line up with the Biblical model for social order, governmental structure and personal morals and ethics.

The world doesn’t want to celebrate or even acknowledge the fact that the foundation of the Constitution of the United States was based heavily on Scripture, especially found in the books of Moses, like Deuteronomy. It is the reason our country succeeded in becoming the most powerful and prosperous country ever in recorded history.

Now groups like the ACLU and the liberal minded, secular media outlets, that control almost all of the major television networks, (which is enough material for a whole other series) want us to believe in a concept called “separation of church and state” and that it is constitutionally supported, which is complete nonsense. In fact groups like the ACLU (Anti Christ’s Liberal Union) have broken this amendment, in many cases, by suppressing the free expression of religion, specifically the Christian religion. One would have to grossly twist the first amendment text to derive such a notion, that church and state should be separated. Read it for yourself: http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data/constitution/amendment01/. It doesn’t come close to implying that religion should be omitted from the operation of the governmental process. On the contrary, it is the fundamental reason our government has worked as well as it has, for the past 200 years! Christian-Judeo influences have been at the core of it’s success since it’s implementation. Do you know that the phrase “separation of church and state” can be found nowhere in the constitution, nor anything similar to it? That’s because it is a fairly recently coined phrase, of dishonesty, designed to kick God out of our government, schools and public entities. I’ve never been very interested in the historicity of the foundation of our country and it’s constitution, but recent attempts to radically change it has sparked a passionate desire to learn as much as I have time to learn, about it.

In closing this brief preface, of my following series, I want to remind you that historically any nation that has attempted to remove God from their society has reaped destruction. I submit to you that we are headed swiftly to the same demise, if we don’t repent as a nation and turn back to a Godly mode of operation. May I also submit, to you, that our current administration is moving this country DOWN a road that is closely resembling a socialistic society, of which I would also remind anyone that is interested,...it doesn’t work! Any country that has adopted it’s philosophy and executed it’s principles has failed miserably, as compared to the United States of America. I am a patriot and I love our country, as it is (or was) and I don’t want to see it renamed as the USSA. Do you?

(to be continued...)

May His blessings be upon you and your soapbox,

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