Originally Published on 7/29/2011 on my Facebook "Notes" series: "My Soapbox Topic Of The Day."

Let Me Be Clare…

Wow! Has it been over one and a half years since I wrote my last soapbox rant!? Oh my, I've been much too silent through many grievance worthy topics. I take issue with that! I intend to address some "nagging me" issues, soon. At this moment, however...I feel a bit of guilt now, as I continue, by offering up only a simple, but an all important question: "Do you know what's really going on in our government?"

PS: 7/30/11 Only 2 "Likes" so far!? Surely there are more informed people than that. You, whom are in a political slumber, AWAKEN! Our future and our generations to come, are in the balance, as much and likely more than at any other time in history. If you don't know what's really going on in our government, for the sake of your family's and our country's well being, investigate it. If you don't know what's really going on in our government and you liked the America before the turn of the century more than the new millennium version, then let this plea inspire you to learn all you can about what's really going on in our government. Do not just trust anything that comes out of the state controlled, mainstream media. Compare & verify important reports with other outside sources, even if it comes from an adversarial, bias, media outlet. At least you're getting another opinion and not being lead (blindly) by the bit.

I see it this way; if you receive two conflicting reports and both contain false information, there are potential revelations that can be derived from comparing the two. Look for stories that are unknown by the majority of Americans, which are lonely voices crying out in the wild. You are not hearing the whole story and may not learn about the story at all from the main stream, not to mention the twisting of intended context. Some are just out right lies that they've set forth. It's far beyond stunning, it's outrageous! It's past time to sound the alarm, friends. It's time now, to take back 'our' government, for and by the people. By doing so, it may turn out to be a hard and sacrificial mission, but one worth all the action. If we take one more giant step on the the path we're traveling, I'm fearful that it may be impossible to turn around.

I believe that there's still some wiggle room left and we need to use it, immediately. LEARN, make your voice heard by congress, by the senate, campaign, make donations, join demonstrations, support your favored candidates and vote. If we don't do these things, the last ditch effort toward maintaining our free society, may be a physical and civil up-rival, one most of us don't want to be realized.

If you don't like what you are seeing in our government, regardless of your party preference, or your no-party preference, SOUND YOUR TRUMPET! We need an about face, if we are to continue to recognize the America we've grown to love. "Got Involvement?"

May His blessings be upon you & your soapbox,

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