Originally Published on 4/29/2015

Let Me Be Clare…

I know that the media can exploit news stories to sway public opinion. I hope we can find some perspective on the anti-cop sentiment that is growing. There are currently many hundreds of thousands of cops in the USA. What percentage of them are bad? That is the question.

How many news reports do we hear about the good ones and the brave heroic actions they take to protect us? How about the off duty charitable deeds that they participate in? Is your answer the same as mine? My answer to these questions is; "Not enough!"

I choose to support the majority of our police, whom I believe are good. If we as a nation don't lift them up, we may be left alone to fend for ourselves, in the near future. We need to allow them to honor their oath and act accordingly, in order that they may to do their job, as they were trained to do. They are true heros, like our firefighters and military personnel, whom risk their lives to protect ours. What's more, our politicians, like them, should seek to emulate their example.

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