Originally Published on 6/28/2015

Let Me Be Clare…

I truly love my misguided neighbors, but as sure as I have typed this open letter, judgement trails behind for America, as it has for other societies when they did not repent from their unholy direction and insidious unions.

I am called to write and speak to you from my heart, in love (called agape) for my country and mankind, as I don't want to see anyone suffer. It hurts to envision it. It is not a popular, nor even a safe message to share in this period of time, but I’m compelled to do so in spite of the consequences, in order to help bring as many souls to the salvation which is offered to everyone through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Learn from history and God's word. This is one of two major transgressions which are at the crux of many a fallen society throughout history. One is child sacrifice, which I would think of as the ultimate transgression which would include fetal abortion. Today, I want to focus on the other.

I’ve been working on this essay, off and on, and letting it rest for a few weeks. With the decision handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States on this sad and historical day, they have ordered the ban on homosexual “marriage” be lifted in the states of the union. I’m discerning that it’s time to share my message, now. If you are an atheist, it may seem irrelevant to you. My appeal is to the self-proclaimed Bible believer and anyone with doubts, or questions about this cultural conflict.

The most infamously notable society to receive judgement was the city known as Sodom, as described in the Bible's Old Testament. God, whom has proved to be very long in suffering, meaning to have an extreme amount of heart wrenching patience, finally had enough of their abhorrent behavior, which He declared abominable in His sight. The Sodomites of old were acting in a very similar, if not identical manner, to that of the homosexual community’s behavior in this generation. It wasn't enough for them to dwell among God fearing people, but they flaunted it and viciously persecuted, sought to ruin, and even destroy anyone whom were in opposition to their public deeds and open lifestyle.

Whether you are a Bible believer, or not, this is an area of scripture that is not presented for the allowance of man's interpretation. It is not ambiguous, as some spinners of scripture would have you believe. It is clarion in it’s textual form, as are other indisputable and absolute truths stated in the good book. The Holy Spirit confirms it, for anyone who sincerely seeks the truth diligently and considers the possibility that anything to the contrary is false. Acts of homosexuality, as plainly written about in both the Old and New Testaments, is sinful behavior.

The body of Christ should not condemn the sinner, but, rather, they should receive anyone who sins into the fold, because we all commit sins. We are to love and nurture them, as we should with any sinner, while we guide, support, and sympathize with them, while we're on the path to obedience to the Father. In contrast with many current clergies and congregates in this generation, we are not called for the purpose of appeasement, promotion, nor celebration, of any sinful act, or life style. There is a difference between committing a sin, as opposed to living in sin. We need to shine the light of Christ and encourage them to resist acting upon those temptations, for we all have our special cross to bear and each of us will account for every action regarding how we carried our burden, before the Judge of heaven and earth. The reward of inheriting His Kingdom can’t be compared to the temporal frills in this life on earth.

If you are one among those whom struggle with homosexual temptations, maybe you have a heavier cross to bear than the rest of mankind, I don't know. It’s possible, I presume, but God is the judge of that. I can, however, sympathize with you, because unlike heterosexual desires, you aren't allowed to act upon yours with the gender of your desire, without committing a sin in the eyes of the Lord. The desire for sexual gratification seems to be at the top of the fleshly desire list with most people. I know that God can and does take away sinful desires from His children, but I can't claim that He will do that for everyone. It might not be His plan for you, but what ever is, you will one day hear Him say to you; “Well done, good and faithful servant,” if you obey Him and endure to the end. Keep your eyes on the prize. He will give you the strength to resist sinning. If yours is a heavier cross to bear, your reward in heaven maybe that much greater, for your obedience. I have theories as to the reason for this sexual attraction, but I find it to be irrelevant, when the scripture denounces the acts, without a clear explanation of the origin of the attraction, except for it’s the result of man’s fallen nature from grace.

"Why (you may ask) do you single out homosexuality for scrutiny?" 

I single this particular sin out for scrutiny, simply because it is currently an act that is being falsely preached about, accepted, embraced and even celebrated, as non-sinful and non-condemnable in God’s eyes. What’s most alarming is that it’s happening in God’s house, where it’s completely contradictory to His word. The Lord will have mercy, if we repent and turn our hearts back to Him. If not, vengeance is His, says the Lord. He has already given His warnings in the signs of the times, as observed by those whom have eyes to see and ears to hear. Judgement is coming, my beloved.

If this current and relentless trend is not corrected and entirely eradicated, it will serve to divide congregations and denominations, for which it has already begun to. It will be a major component that will contribute to the sifting of the wheat from the chaff and the separation of the sheep from the goats. This is associated with the coming judgement. The Day of the Lord, as prophesied, would happen in the latter days, according to scripture.

Please, read your bible and pray for divine enlightenment. Resist making decisions based on emotionalism, peer pressure, false doctrine and fleshly desires. It’s not easy, for any of us. I will continue to pray for you and your particular cross to bear and for all who struggle in the area of homosexuality and others with desires for other sexual impurities. May God bless you with strength and courage.


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