Song Slinger

Detroit born, Doug Clare offers his message driven tunes that come by way of a heavy influence stemming from the 1970's Rock, Folk and Blues genres, with a tapping foot in the 50's and 60's pop tunes era. Now fuse those with a sprinkle of Indi/Alt, Jazz and Gospel and he can accurately be labeled as a "musical-mutt."

Some say they can hear the old-school roots in Doug's music, others say he's just old. It doesn't phase him though - he knows music is timeless and doesn't recognize a listener's age.

One shouldn't say that Doug is stuck in any generation, or genre. Each of them has it's place in his heart and contributes in some way, to the new sounds he creates. He believes his musical contributions and writings are the fruits produced from a spiritual calling. More specifically, Doug sees his craft as a gospel ministry of hope and current biblical prophecy awareness, if you will.

Those creations began decades ago and have only recently morphed into professionally produced, single releases. Doug's always eager to listen and respond to your feedback while he continues releasing songs and as he works on his debut album.

"You make it all worthwhile!"