Originally Published 3/5/2014

Let Me Be Clare…

The worst president in history, by far! President Obama earned, this, my opinion, for so many reasons that I don't have time to list them all (i.e., just the other day, “My Brother’s Keeper.” How is this constitutional, let alone, not a racist gesture?) I highly encourage as much research as one can manage and NOT, only, via the main stream media, please. They have done as much toward integral degradation of news reporting as Obama has done to the office of the presidency. Their lies mount to the sky. Especially, a plethora of very important, news worthy stories, that they WON'T report on. It's despicable, anti-American and Obama's policies fall right in line with my claims and yes, his agenda is anti-Christian, in nature.

I'm outraged by his arrogance in assuming that he is above our constitutional laws, because he's "THE KING," dictator, in his mind's eye, as it seems apparent to many Americans. He is dividing and has divided us, instead of uniting us. He is a frighteningly, smooth and masterful salesman, accredited with an alarming success rate, encompassing a certain, large, sect of our society. The pitting of Republicans vs Democrats. The pitting of Christians and Jews vs Muslims. The pitting of one skin color vs another, family members vs family members, etc. The list is long and his agenda is executed with such subtlety, that it easily goes unnoticed by that portion of society.

 This man does not have American's best interest, at heart. I believe half of the country is drunk on his COOL-aid and do not see what's coming just around the corner. The other half are preparing for a knock out punch, attempt! That's my suggestion for everyone here. I believe he is a VERY dangerous entity!! If not already to the point of no return, he is taking this great nation into desolation, all under the guise of peace, compassion and flowery speech, wrapped in the wool of sheep. Does that remind you of any Biblical characters?

All I say, is my personal opinion, but it has been formed by much investigation, from various sources, over many years and my fears are being confirmed daily, via the president's own words and deeds. What really stings, is there is no opposing party, with courage enough to resist and stand up to him. Why is that, do you suppose? If there is any hope and change possible for America, it's to reverse everything that has been changed, since before the turn of this century. Usually an optimist, I find it hard to maintain that virtue, in this day. We, very well, may be at the mercy of a divine miracle to put a stop to this madness.

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