Originally Published on 3/18/2014

Let Me Be Clare…

My site could be removed for exercising my 1st Amendment rights. I don't believe that I'm overreacting, folks. This issue is very serious!

I'm just getting started, but sadly, I can't say for how long I'll be allowed to post my (and your) opinions, here. Nor am I surprised by another power grab to try to snuff out any expressed opposition to the government's agenda. I've been watching and expecting this movement to take more root.

I am surprised and concerned by what seems to be a shrunken will, of an opposing party and many Americans, to stop and turn back from this MO.

I wish this was an isolated attack and tactic on our constitutional rights. But it's not even close to that. Do we just want to go along to get along? Well, that only encourages the opponent to push harder. Do you trust the govt. to use dictatorial methods to protect you. You might be viewed as a path with the least resistance to completing this suspicious agenda. Is it possible, under these circumstances, that submissive people could be used as an intimidating example, in an attempt to control the other more would be objectors. Are you on the path with the least resistance? Is this how we want to see our government, as our big powerful brother, who knows better than ourselves what is good for our well being? Is it how we want to live our lives and for our children to live theirs?
Maybe it is.

Backlash over decision to relinquish control of internet.

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