Originally Published on 8/6/2014

Let Me Be Clare…


To my fellow worshipers of the Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

My beloved in the body of Christ, our prayers for the healing of our land, through the latter years of history and now daily and for some whom are praying even by the hour, have not been answered in a way that is pleasing to us. In fact it seems to be growing worse. I will not stop praying for, nor working toward a revitalized, rational, orderly and civilized, Christian nation. Prayers that I offer up for divine intervention are becoming more frequent, as daily doses of an anxious reality are cast upon us by the news media and by personal circumstances.

God made it very clear when He proclaimed that He is no respecter of man. He is not motivated to action by anyone or anything outside of His will. God's answers, His silence and His timing are perfect and righteous. We are all flawed souls in need of a savior. His ways and wisdom are also perfect and infinitely greater than ours and much greater than our most powerful enemies. That gives me, comfort, confidence and strengthens my faith. It gives me hope for the promises of God to come upon us, for His glory. It's a very exciting time to be alive.

Arise! Do not give up, but stand up, in faith, boldly and fearlessly, with no regard for dire circumstances, because if He is for us, who can stand against us? He is with us, as our deepest lamentations become more well founded, with each passing moment.

My dear neighbors, please lend your ear to hear. The fallen society, that great city called Babylon, has invaded our homeland, by being patiently, methodically and persistently deceptive. It’s been intruding with increasing success for most of my life. In spite of hope for a repentant nation, in spite of the good works of the saints, it has it’s way. We have gone from one nation, under God, to a nation under gods. He’s not welcome around here any more, by far too many souls.

God's coming judgment may have begun long ago. In a time when our nation started turning it's heart away from Him, away from His Word and away from His commandments, for which we have not repented. He will turn the unrepentant over to their sins, instead of salvation. I sense His wrath, preceded by His long suffering, could just be starting, or soon could start and the extent of which will follow closely behind!

The end time prophecies are unfolding, expediently, right before our very eyes, people, just as the bible predicted they would. We are to know what the signs are and know when they are occurring. We could be the generation that will not pass away, but will be transfigured unto eternal bliss in God’s Kingdom. We will then return with Jesus and participate in his righteous judgment upon they whom are destroying the world and whom will not choose to accept the free gift of salvation. It is offered in love to them and to each and every person, by the Messiah, Jesus.

Awaken, my brothers and sisters! The scroll is in His hand. Jesus, the only one worthy of opening it, shall lift the seven seals, which has bound it closed, for many generations and will cast judgment upon the world. With each broken seal, a releasing of increasingly severe acts of justice, will ensue, unto the greatest days of tribulations that the world has never known, nor shall ever be, again! 

It is time to prepare our hearts, our souls and our minds, for the Day of the Lord! By way of the signs, as they come into focus, can now be clearly read. I pray for us all to observe them, now. They are written in the scriptures. It is that day which is present, my friends, according to the signs.


Whether, the Blessed Hope occurs before the Great Tribulation, or during, or after it, will be seen. Every knee will bend, in that day, in acknowledgement to Jesus as Lord of all lords.

Although, we hope and pray for the pre-tribulation rapture of the saints, the importance of another possible reality seems to whisper, "Get prepared to walk with Me. Stay close to me, my child, where I can carry you through the valley of death, where you would surely fall. Yes, as it is written, even the elect would not be immune to deception and condemnation, if I were not to shorten the number of days of my wrath. No one knows the day, nor the hour of my Son’s return. In that day, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth, but you must know when it is near, even as near as your doorstep."

We need to be strong! If we're present during that great day of testing, we can help lead many souls to Christ. God’s word tells us that we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us. God assures us that if we maintain our Christian faith, though it be as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains! Trust in Him!

As for myself, after years of study, I lean favorably toward the pre-trib interpretation, for various reasons. In general, the pre-trib scenario seems to reflect the loving nature and character of our God, as described throughout the Bible. However, His will is holy and righteous, regardless of how man interprets it.

In closing, I will add that no matter how Yahweh's plan unfolds, to pray for and expect the Blessed Hope, that being the second coming of Jesus Christ, is a healthy and holy way for us to be living out our Christian roles, in any generation.

Hark! Prepare for the return of the Prince of Peace, The Victorious One, The Way, The Truth, The Life! HE IS LOVE! He is Light! Though He has many sovereign names, we know Emanuel as "Jesus Christ,” our Savior who is the only begotten Son of God the Father, who is in heaven. Holy is His name. His Kingdom come and His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!

Come quickly, Lord Jesus, we pray, in your holy name. All praise, honor and glory be yours, forever! As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, a world without end. Amen and Hallelujah!

May the peace of Christ be with you, brothers and sisters and may the body be ready to go!

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