1. The Good News
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"The Good News"
Copyright (c) 2023 Douglas K Clare

Come let me tell you my story
I went from filthy rags to glory
It began shortly after I was born

I was living my life for pleasure
Wasting all my faith of good measure
Until arrived that day of shame and scorn

Well it took me about forty years
Seeking approval from my peers
Convinced that I was good enough for God

I backslid and was spiritually numb
Blind to all that I’d become
Pretentiously enlightened I was a fraud

I had a form of Godliness
But inside was a Godless mess
And that’s when He does His finest work

His Son took my shame to the cross
Where sins vanish or souls be lost
To an endless loop where the tormentors lurk

Now they can slay me if they wanna’
Exchange gifts and chant their mantra
But the greatest gift is when you know the Way

So please heed my testimony
Resist lust Don’t love your money
And seek the Truth in Life everyday

Now that you’ve heard my story
About filthy rags and glory
You can’t say no one ever told you the good news

Why not peace be your desire
And escape the lake of fire
To a place where nobody sings the blues

Yeah the Prince of Peace’s desire
Is for all to escape the fire
Forever reign with him is the good news

So please heed my testimony
Resist lust—don’t love your money
Behold the place that he’s prepared for you
A place where no one ever sings the blues
Forever reign with him is the good news