Originally Published on 4/16/2014

Let Me Be Clare…

Now that we're funneling down this new American Broadway, of which includes, among many disturbing trends, the growing acceptance and practice that circulates around a new philosophy, which suggests that we have a right to change our real identification to our preferred, perceived, identification. In that light, I stake my claim that I identify myself as an alien. After all, this is how I feel, like I’M AN ILLEGAL ALIEN IN THIS LAND! Therefore, I am.

PS: To whom it may concern; I will not be accepting solicited, nor non-solicited offers for governmental aid, perks, cell phones, nor other gifts and bribes, of which I've helped pay for. I have a much better source of providence, from one who has my best interest and well being at heart. He is my "hope!I’m sure I'll be giving more. You can keep the "change!"

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