Originally Published 1/10/2014 on ReverbNation (Edited: 4/8/15, for this publication.)

Let Me Be Clare…

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I write to you in love and in the name of Jesus, from a deep sense of concern and urgency. It's regarding a troubling matter that's been on my heart for a long time. It's presence is a frequent reminder. It's more of a nudging, really, since the recent past. Hence the creation of this message.

My hope for the body of Christ, in this day, for which I'm overwhelmingly compelled to share with you, is to find for each of ourselves a spiritual leader, or a companion, who will properly help to prepare us for the return of our Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ, without delay! If you have found such a person, I urge you to continue on with them, grow in wisdom and try to bring others into the fold.

The Bible claims that when He returns, it will be as if He were a thief in the night, at a time least expected. This will be a time when the definition of "good" has become bad and contrarily "bad" has become accepted as good. A time when society acts in such a manner as the heathen did in Noah's time. It lists many behaviors and events that directly resemble those of our present time. The sealed scrolls are unrolling before our vary eyes, my friends. Scoffers are mentioned in scripture, casting away the end-time signs as just history repeating itself and still life goes on as it always has. Here is something to consider; Recent prophetic revelations could not have been discerned by our historical counterparts, for these events had not occurred in their generations. The most notable are the last two major prophecies, before the events of Armageddon and Jesus' return, are now an historical events. It happened when the metaphorical term "Israel" and also the new name given to Jacob, became a literal nation, by the name of Israel. That transpired back in 1948. The last is the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, which is now under construction and should be completed in the very near future. This will be where the Anti-Christ will enter and sit, declaring himself to be god.

Since Israel became a nation, many of the minor prophecies have poured out in fulfillment, as well. Many biblical scholars, theologians and eschatology experts, believe that we are living in the end times. I have come to believe that their assessment is accurate, after many years of bible study, research, prayer and experiences. We all have a story, a testimony, a purpose, a role and an obligation to try to share and complete them, for the Glory of God and for the benefit of others. Now, more than ever, we must not hide in fear, rather quite the contrary. We need to shine the light brighter and bolder in every passing day.

God wants all of His children to be ready, with righteous hearts and open arms, when His only beloved Son returns for us. Our Father sent Him so that no man shall parish, by dying in his sins. Jesus takes away the sins of the world. He IS the Way, the Truth and the Life. His sacrificial death allows us the opportunity to become a holy and spotless people, in order to dwell in our Creator's kingdom. For nothing unholy can be in his glorious presence. The only requirement of us, is to make a small leap of faith and trust in God and his only begotten Son. He is the Word, whom was made flesh. He is Emmanuel--God with us--whom died for our sins and transgressions, so that we may have eternal life in communion with Him. That kind of an act can only come from an, omnipotent, loving Father! God the Father Almighty! Abba love!

Embrace the coming revival! Watch for and learn from the signs and wonders of our generation. We are commanded to know them, as they will guide God's chosen people in interpreting and understanding the end times. They will help assure the Church of Christ of His second coming and that they shall witness the Blessed Hope. Let it be.

Jesus is going to return at some point in time. Prophecy has been fulfilled to that point. His return draws very near, even as near as our door. It could happen at any moment. Is the body ready to go? Are we, as the body of Christ, his beloved bride, prepared for the wedding feast? Is our gown as white as snow? We must not hesitate, when the Groom comes for us. Let us pray together and help each other make way for the Bride Groom, the King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords to lift us up! Hallelujah! Amen!
May the Peace of Christ be with us!

With His blessings,
Doug Clare

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