In response to Thaddeus McCotter's Facebook post on 4/28/2014: https://www.facebook.com/ThadMcCotter/posts/10152252625335140

Let Me Be Clare…

Nations see Obama as an idle threat, further weakening our world power status. Let me see if I understand his, overall, strategic plan, correctly; We start by increasing the national debt to an unmanageable level. Then we raise our debt ceiling, again. Then we allow illegal immigrants to flood our land. Then we downsize our military troops, considerably. Then we make unnecessary threats to the government of a powerful nation. Then we watch their commander ignore our stance. THEN, under the leadership of our fearless leader, we RISE UP AND...pretend to slap his hand. Sir, Is that correct sir?  Yes! Sir, Got it, sir! ATTENTION:... HAND SLAPPERS:...CHARGE!

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