Originally Published on 3/13/2014 (Part 1 of a 3 part series.)

Let Me Be Clare…

Hi, Thanks for checking out my most recent blog post! I started writing this essay in the fall of 2013 and let it simmer for a few months. I have recently revisited it and part one has been completed.

Repentance. Revival. Reform.
The 3 "R's" to the Realization of Restoration.


I'm compelled to share with you, the way I interpret the state of our current, political, social and spiritual, challenges, or in one word, Lives. My views have evolved from seventeen years of diligent research into the aforementioned topics. The prominent one being spirituality, because that has been my burning desire of interest and it initiated the overwhelming urge to respond in a concrete manor. The “social” topic can be attached to the “spiritual” one, as they both directly affect each other. Second to that is the "political" topic, of which I have become drenched in out of a self imposed necessity, when I started sensing something very chilling early on in my quest. It seems to have dropped in temperature and is further cloaked in darkness.

To you, whom are still passionate Obama supporters, for what I'm about to express, may frustrate and anger you, but I hope you will hear me out. I want you to read a real and honest testimony, from one person that you might easily stereo type, or even despise. I submit to you, the major influence for this sentiment is directly linked to the media’s concerted efforts to slander my character. Being affiliated with certain organizations and movements, I am grouped with millions of Americans experiencing discriminatory attacks against us. However, forming our own beliefs which are not being based on dishonest, intellectual, presuppositions, are within our control. We should feel obligated to do just that, on important and life altering issues. 

I’ll lay it right out here for you. I am a Bible Believing, Born Again, Evangelical, Christian and a Conservative, Constitutional and TEA Party supporting, American. Whew!  For those of you whom are still with me, please, continue reading.

I'm writing out of love, to and for my fellow countrymen and brothers and sisters in Christ. I bring to you my deep concern, for which I hope you will receive with respectful consideration. This is one man’s plea for awareness of what I have to share, as a possible and even plausible summary of our state of communal affairs. For the sake of our future freedom, as we've known it to be, I make my case. I believe that it has been in more serious jeopardy since the turn of this century, than prior to that milestone and is increasing in intensity with each passing day.

American soldiers, of old and many of the latter days, whom have given their lives and those who currently serve, still enjoy the freedom that they helped to preserve. I doubt that the former would stand for what we are experiencing today. The latter servants are eager to protect, what is arguably, the expedient erosion of our constitutional rights. The intruders clothe themselves with the fabric of evolutionary, progressive, political correctness and wear boots that march to the beat of a deceptive, utopian, drum which pounds out the agenda of a liberal mindset. Whether it’s metastasizing like a societal cancer, intentionally, or circumstantially (which is another topic for discussion) it doesn't negate the reality of the damage that it’s producing. Capitalism, exchanged for a proven failure known as "Socialism," seems to have a growing tendency toward the condolence of such, in our communities. Socialism, a term I use to describe it (because of the “If it walks and talks like a duck,” analogy used as a gauge for authenticity) is now being packaged and sold as “progressive-ism, liberalism, hope and change-ism,” or what ever “ism” you choose to tag it with. Regardless of the titles that are used for referring to this type of governing system, their campaign platforms, though re-branded, are nearly identical to the Communist's handbook.

More accurately, discerning the truth about one's character and intentions can be achieved by using the Bible as a gauge. God's word assures us that we will know them by the fruit they produce. Well, I see much good fruit spoiling and more bad fruit being devoured. The good fruit stays true to God's laws and nourishes the body, which in turn produces more of the same good fruit and eventually leads to the promised land of complete fertileness. The bad fruit, however, is being mascaraed to appear colorful and succulent. It is being peddled by self-serving vermin of the vine and is intoxicating it's partakers into believing in the mirage. It is cleverly set before them, as would be a fine wine. This fruit also reproduces, but does not sustain life. Tainted fruit reproduces futile attempts to sow it’s seed, with the hope of capturing an allusive, generational, juicy, blissfulness, of nature's miraculous works. Sadly, the sowers and their seed never find fulfillment of their intended purpose, nor the lasting bliss that they crave. Then, discarding the core, of which is the sustaining source of life, they seal their perpetual demise. The core, being the divine order for laborious cultivation of God’s gift. If left inactive, it’s existence is accredited with it’s only fate.

To those of you who know me, I'm confident that you also know that my actions do not and my character does not, reflect the liberal media's portrayal of Conservatives, Christians nor TEA Party members. I encourage you to pick your fruit and examine it carefully, before ingesting it. I attended the first TEA Party gathering, in the immediate area where I reside. It looked and felt like I was at a family fair on a sunny afternoon. I proudly witnessed a parade of average, respectful and concerned, citizens. We were displaying love for our country, in a legal and respectable manor.

Taxed Enough Already (TEA) a grass roots movement, is a party that has no kinship to the media's unjustifiable and viciously, slanderous, portrayal of us. That depiction of us, as practicing extreme radicalism, bigotry, hatred, racism and intolerance, is all offensive and outrageous to me. It was and still is, a lie that stems from the pit of hell. Of course, there will always be exceptions in any organization, but those are rare occurrences within the TEA Party, according to my knowledge of and experience associated with them. I should have made a video recording of the peaceful, respectful and sincere behavior that I witnessed when I attended that first demonstration. I was not prepared for the, soon to come, villainous accusations. Extreme-ism seems to be a very relative term, to some, but to me it accurately describes the political left wing's agenda.

If you know me, you know that I am an average American. One who is trying to make an honest living and preserve the integrity of the moral codes which have been established in our communities. One nation, under God. I believe that's the key to our historical, world super power status and success. I've grown very fond of America’s founding principals. If only we would return to them, with the intended spirit intact, then God will heal our land and we will flourish, once again.  

President Obama, from my point of view, has degraded the integrity of the United States presidential office. In multiple ways, he (by giving him the benefit of the doubt) has inadvertently caused it to spiral to the lowest level, compared to any previous president in our nation's history. I perceive him as a master deceiver. I've had that impression of him from day one of his campaigning efforts, which seem endless. He is succeeding in dividing, instead of uniting, our country. He has little regard for wise council and wields his pen like a sword, or some royal signet, expecting the waters to rise and obey him, at his command, or to execute his agenda upon a mere wave of his hand.

This arrogant behavior, the annoying push for his unpopular agenda, his body language, his actions, reactions, his non-reactions and his provocative statements, lead me to suspect that Barack Obama suffers from an acute case of megalomania. I believe he has delusions of grandeur, messiah syndrome and that he views himself as a great king who can and will dictate the laws to the whole world. It’s an inhouse invasion on our nation's sovereignty. The admonishment of it may result in the fruition of it's total decline, if the people allow him to continue down this dangerous broad-way. At the very least, with hind site in our favor, his deeds and policies are bringing about negative results. Rather than acknowledge the facts and change course accordingly, Obama pursues, with even more vigor, to move his agenda forward, toward his imaginary version of heaven on earth. This has been accomplished by means that are against the will of the American people. They work against the intended spirit of the constitution and are contrary to traditional common sense. His skewed vision is destined to fail, like the repetitive results characterized by the state of insanity. The best case scenario for the president's character, if not intentionally deceitful in nature, is that he is incredibly naive and incompetent. Either way, it is not a good scenario for the well being of America and it should be corrected.

I believe that we're all suffering to varying degrees and we will suffer, with more intensity, because of the prideful push for this president's policy implementations, regardless of who is in opposition to them, or the reasons why they oppose his policies. If he's allowed to continue to deceive Americans to with his socialistic agenda, ideology, false hope and destructive change, we will cease to exist as the nation we once knew. We’ll be mourning for the country that we once called “One Nation Under God. The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave.”

It’s still a land of “majority rules.” The line has been drawn. There’s no middle ground to stand on, anymore. Each opponent’s missions are as close to each others as the sun is to the edge of the universe. God proclaims that He would rather know us to be hot, or to be cold, but those whom are lukewarm, it is they whom He will be spit out of His mouth. Analogically, I would explain it as; If a group wants to straddle the line between two armies that are charging each other, the opportunity for survival, is not in their favor.

The TEA Party is our brave, political, watchdog. They are soldiers and leaders, but have been and continue to be the victims of extreme, slanderous, assaults by the liberal media and an elite establishment. I've read reports that claim the “establishment” controls all major media networks and the decisions made concerning the governing policies in the USA and abroad. With the big media bosses in the administration’s back pocket, I am very proud of the Tea Party’s dedication, in their uphill battle, to halt further abuses and try to reverse course. I thank the Lord for them. They are hero's and they are the only group willing to stand up against our deeply corrupted government. At this time, second to God, the Tea Party is our greatest hope to fight against Washington's bullies and their madness. These politicians are either drunk on the fruit of their power, or extremely intimidated by the drunkards. It's probably both. It's time for rehabilitation, after we fire the whole rotten lot of them. Just to be clear, I'm suggesting it for both parties, Republican and Democratic, alike. Start with a clean slate. I want organizations and politicians to start representing the agenda of the people, that support their mission as described by the people, with integrity and stop making your supporters look bad. They are misrepresenting what the majority of us want for our country. There are a lot of peaceful people on both sides, I know it from experience. It just seems like they all reside apart from the politicians and many political organizations. 

Folks, I don't believe we need to change to another system, especially one that has had a poor track record. On the contrary, we need only to honor the one that we have, without the mass corruption that we've endured for decades.

Corruption will ruin the best of societies, as is being witnessed by many Americans in their own backyards. Most of their accounts go unreported by the left wing, biased, news networks. I hope that we will all make a concerted effort to investigate other sources for our news, particularly when very important issues surface. I hope we will do this when it's pertaining to methods that we choose to govern ourselves with. Do it now, for future generations. To accomplish this, we must repent of the direction to where this nation is being relentlessly pulled and that direction is toward total Godlessness. The sign at the end of their journey, reads “WARNING! One Way -Entering Eternal Desolation- The Village of Proud Fools - REPENT, or REGRET!” 

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