Originally Published on 11/3/2014 (Part 3 of a 3 part series)

Let Me Be Clare…

Repentance, Revival, Reform
The 3 “R’s” to the Realization of Restoration.


Does anyone respect the intent of a policy, or the intended spirit of a law anymore? Is it now socially and ethically acceptable to dodge it, ignore it and even blatantly state lies about it, or about any other issues that go against our own personal agenda? Are we now a society whom are comfortable with the practice of scheming, whether it be to take advantage of an unexpected tax loophole, or seeking opportunities to take advantage of an organization’s oversight, or even a neighbor’s innocent mistake? Is self gain at others expense the new norm? Have we convinced ourselves that it's acceptable and even encourage aggressive behavior in this manor and justifying it with the pretentious analogy, which purports that everyone swims in the same shark-tank and are fair prey, or all is fair in love and war, because it’s all about self and the survival of the fittest? Is the human conscience becoming obsolete? Do you agree with me, that the result does not justify the means to achieve it and that it would be very good for our country if the intended spirit of our established laws and moral codes had more clout in our courts?

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome back for the third part of my three part essay series, of which I've titled: “Reform.” Something that I’m sure many of us would like to observe in real time. To be honest, I haven't a clue whom, if anyone, reads the messages that I express on this website, because I’m not receiving feedback. I find that fact to be suspicious for the reason that I have shared some provocative thoughts and implications, of which are also controversial. I don’t know what to conclude from this. The only monitoring of this site that I use is the host’s daily visitor counter, which averages about 25-30 hits per day. Although, not an impressive statistic, when you do the math (times 365 days) and the fact that I've received only one recorded comment, presents a red flag of suspicion, in my mind. I’m not even confident that this site is actually available throughout the internet, where it should be. Still, I sense that these messages have significant value for someone, especially in these troubling times and I’ll continue to share them as long as God wills it. In that vain, I trust that He will use them according to His will and that these words will find they whom He would have to receive them.

Although, after reading the first two parts of this series, one might predict the direction of which I’m about to suggest, that we take regarding true restoration of our failing political, social and spiritual state. There may be material that someone will find helpful in their circumstances. That is my intent and that is my hope.

My opening paragraph in this article contains questions that cut through to the depths of my weary soul. I grieve, because of what the answers to these questions might be, among the majority and what they mean to the well being of our country.

As I survey current events, an overwhelming sense of optimism is not with me. I see the choices that we will make tomorrow, as the crux of an ultimate tipping point, with darkness being on one side and the light shining from the other. Though the aforementioned questions ring a rhetorical tone, I believe they are formed from valid concerns, that many of us are experiencing. It is as a groaning in our spirit, over the things that are present and for those that could soon be upon us.

I don’t believe that this is a mistake, nor a mere coincidence that you are reading this message today. I try only to write and publish my work upon the inspiration and nudging from the Holy Spirit, through prayer and meditation with Him. Personally, my goal was to publish this part of my series a couple of weeks ago. I thought it would be better timing, as I was hoping it would have more time to reach a larger audience, before our government’s midterm elections, being held tomorrow, but God’s inspiration arrives when He deems it so. His timing always trumps my will. Amen! Today, I write.

I’m not one to support the division between church and state, except to keep the government from intervening in the church’s affairs. Our government needs the influence and support of the church, as the Constitution was drafted by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God. To ignore, or alter historical evidence is unwise, for it will lead a nation into ruins. The evidence of our country’s past success and super power, unmatched throughout history, should be enough to pursued sceptics to consider that there is divine power in our Constitution’s construction. The church does not need the government! It can thrive abundantly and function fruitfully, as the body of Christ, on it’s own. The two, however, should be working together, as witnesses and servants to God and country and tied to an oath to, first, protect it’s citizens from harm and to get aid to poor and unfortunate souls, in our land. Then, we would be more fit to run our country as the founders intended it to be managed. We would be more fortified and able to give aid, where it's needed, including other countries, in need of our mercy, grace and blessings.

I am appealing to the Christian community, today and to conservatives, to be informed voters, tomorrow. I'm in agreement, with those whom interpret this election as, the most important election in history. Our future freedom and constitutional rights, seem to be under attack and in very serious jeopardy of extinction. If we vote into office, again, those whom are responsible for our noticeable decline, we can be sure to expect that we’ll receive more of the same and more abundantly. We will get what we asked for, as a nation. Trust the many whom are warning of the coming disaster, in this land, if we don’t stop and turn back from this course. We need to repent, spiritually, socially and politically!

There are some who believe that their vote won't count, or it doesn't matter, or the elections are rigged and riddled with voter fraud, etc. At this point, I don’t see any other options, nor legal actions, that would offer the immediate results, that are desperately needed to keep our nation from spiraling into total anarchy and Godlessness. It’s practically impossible to know whom the few current “good guys” are, in the cesspool of corrupted officials, whom are at the wheel. I think that we're at the point, where we should consider them collateral damage, if we're not sure of their ethics. Ethics in governing, is what is needed, assuming that the candidates are qualified to lead. It’s time to clean house and elect new candidates whom haven’t been tainted by the elite establishment. This is where change is needed, not the nation’s Constitution! It has worked marvelously, before we allowed corruption to fully saturate Capital Hill.

The mistrust in our voting system has inflated and is a valid reaction to the various evidences which have surfaced, more frequently, in latter days. God declares, in His written word; If My people call out My name, humble themselves and pray; If they turn from their sin and seek My face, they will find me and I will be their God and they will be My people. He promises to forgive us and heal our land. Here is our chance to do this, regardless of the status of our voting system. We should look at our vote as a prayer, that the body of Christ offers up, to the Lord, who is responsible for the gift of a voting democracy. It just maybe the key to moving God to intervene with a miracle, which shall override any deceitful tampering of the process. I’m suggesting, that His people get out to the voting booths and vote out the incumbents. A few well thought out exceptions, could apply, but you should be informed enough to avoid a mistake that could support our downfall. Please, if you’re not an informed voter, on the issues and candidates, don’t vote. That will not be helpful to a solution, unless you are very confident that God is guiding your action, because I believe we will all be held accountable for how we use our right to vote. I would rather see unknown candidates be elected, this time, than incumbents.

I believe that candidates whom are affiliated with and endorsed by the TEA Party, are ones to consider, with most sincerity, or those with at least the same objectives. I believe they will support the importance of constitutional law and the enforcement of it. It’s a refreshing and exciting proposition, to cast aside all media hype and polls and strategies, for this election and vote from a Godly point of view. This is more of a vote for Godly principals, in governing and in leading the masses, as one nation under God.

It is not a stretch to believe that our Father, in heaven, wants His servants to be informed politically and involved in the law making process, because, for one reason, it directly effects how the church will be treated. In fact, He wants to be included in every aspect of our lives. He wants a personal relationship with us. I’m asking you to vote for, or write in, anyone running for office, whom have shown fortitude in the adherence to Godly principles, especially in the light of adversity.

The Conservative Christians can make a significant impact, tomorrow, on the restoration of this great nation, before it’s to the point of no return. As much as I am nervous about a one party rule, it may be our only hope. To turn it over to conservative candidates (whom, let’s face it, are found, vastly, throughout the Republican party) would be the wiser choice. Please, trust me, I’m not pleased with either party, at this time, but if we’re left to have, only, the option of voting for the lesser of two evils, then that is wiser than not voting. How would that be helpful in turning the ship around? God sees our heart. He knows we are not voting for an evil outcome. The Republicans, should and would, at the very least, start applying the brakes on this runaway train, before it crashes. If we cast votes, for God, His healing, that we desire and desperately long for, shall be seen. We, as a nation, by my observations, want to reform our government to it’s former allegiance to constitutional principles and laws, which has been the trademark of our world power, status, success and sovereignty, all along the way.

Reformation will manifest itself, when we remove the cancer, which seeks to strangle it. Starting from the top, then down the ranks, they go. If, we vote for Godly candidates, a detailed plan will reveal itself and it will prove to be successful and show to the world that we are one nation, under the only and one true God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Father of His only son, Jesus Christ.

Lord, grant us peace and many blessings, in our spiritual repentance, revival and reform, as we thank you for hearing our prayer. We look forward to your loving and healing spirit to move across America and onward into the nations of the world. Let your people take back their land from the swine, in all glory and honor, which is yours, Almighty God, forever and ever. Amen!

God bless America and may the peace of Christ be with you, through all trials and tribulation.

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